New account dialog (was: Outreach to end users)

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed Mar 22 00:37:32 UTC 2017

Klaus Hartnegg wrote on 21.03.2017 21:29:
> Am 21.03.2017 um 00:51 schrieb Ben Bucksch:
>> We should also try to find new users. 
> Please let five new users configure Thunderird, starting with an empty 
> profile. Count the clicks and keys pressed it takes them, then reduce 
> these numbers as much as you can.

Well, that is precisely the idea of the account setup dialog. That was 
my mantra: The absolute minimum of user entry to get them set up 
properly. Only your email address and password, that's it. No other 

That's also what's motivating me here to swap the dialogs around. 
Because I think most users already have an existing email address, and 
they want to keep it. Those that indeed want a new account will find the 
account provisioning dialog with just one click on "Get a new account".

Attached is a screenshot of the first screen that a user would see after 
installing Thunderbird.

If you want to set up an existing account, just enter your email address 
and password (of pretty much any ISP in the world), and you're good to 
go. Doesn't get any easier than that.

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