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Tue Mar 21 17:48:34 UTC 2017

I am end user, I am using TB in my small company, and I am also developing, for fun and to get features that are missing.

A) As end user: 
1) Officially, TB is dead and discontinued. That is what I learn if I google for Thunderbird, future. The Thunderbird blog comes up with an entry of 2015: https://blog.mozilla.org/thunderbird/. I find some speculations about a future, which now draw over 3 years, but no actions are taken (yet).

2) XUL is deprecated, or is it not? That might be the death of all major addons.

3) The Mozilla addon list needs to be worked on.It presents zillions of addons that claim to be unusable for current TB. Look at https://addons.mozilla.org/de/thunderbird/extensions/message-and-news-reading/. Hover over Lookout: compatible with TB 1.5-12. Going through the lists show millions of addons claiming to be outdated.

To an end user, both facts are not really encouraging to switch to TB. More info needs to get out, and a decision on future and addons is needed. 'Why should I learn TB if it disappears anyway?' (could be asked...)

B) Company use: We use TB because I am in favour of open source. If I am truely honest, this is a bad decision, costing time and money. To a certain extend, I can understand Munich city - it is not only the IT or open source friendly guys and girls who need to be able to use the system. Interoperability would be totally lacking if there were not some good addons (but see 2) about XUL above.). Some addons have already stopped working, and the authors 'disappeared'.

Should I truely connect a company future (=communication) decision on such an unclear future of TB? I personally do it, but it does not feel wise. 

C) I like developing in open source projects. But 1) and 2) apply. Is it worth doing new addons? XUL might disappear and all is wasted time?

I am reading this email distribution list with much interest, but find more questions than answers. I understand that all is complex and not easy to go on.

But still - I think others are feeling the hesitaion as well. That might scare away future users.

my 2 cents,


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