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Yes, absolutely. And we get the occasional question about "the mozilla
server" and "does it have a copy of that message I didn't mean to delete?"

On 21 March 2017 at 16:38, Roland moco Tanglao <rtanglao at mozilla.com> wrote:

> if i recall correctly we had a few users in support/month who couldn't
> figure out why they didn't get an email account like they do for gmail when
> they started using thunderbird
> wayne mery, matt harris is my memory correct?
> cheers!
> ...Roland
> On 3/21/17 8:34 AM, Blake Winton wrote:
> I see a few people making the claim that everyone already has an account,
> and expects Thunderbird to just download their existing email, but the user
> research that Mozilla Messaging did found exactly the opposite, which was
> what lead to the development of the Get An Account feature in the first
> place.  As I remember it, we would have loved to add more account types,
> but none of the providers we contacted were interested (with the obvious
> exception of Gandhi).  I don't think changing Thunderbird's initial user
> flow is necessarily a bad idea, but let's not do it under false pretenses.
> Later,
> Blake.
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> On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 12:51 AM, Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch at beonex.com>
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>> Thank you, everybody, for electing me into the TB council.
>> One thing that we can do better is to reach out to end users. Some people
>> are already working hard to give end users support. Thank you for that!
>> We should also try to find new users. Most people I know just use either
>> webmail or a smartphone app to read mail. They know what an email client
>> is. Once I installed Thunderbird for some "mom and dad" type users, they
>> were overjoyed: "I don't have to log in anymore. I just open Thunderbird on
>> my computer and boom! All my emails are there!" and "I have my 2 emails
>> accounts both in the same place. No need to check several websites. That
>> saves so much time". For me, the 3 key reasons are:
>>    - efficient use
>>    - privacy
>>    - user empowerment
>> How can we reach new users?
>> I have some ideas, but hopefully, you have more:
>>    - Introduction tutorials for new users of Thunderbird, e.g.
>>       - On the website, as explanations of the advantages of Thunderbird
>>       for end users. Not just the power user features like advanced filtering,
>>       but what Mom and Dad users get from an email client.
>>       - As videos on YouTube or WebM
>>    - A blog, Twitter account, Facebook: Posting new good developments of
>>    Thunderbird. E.g. the vote of the new council, any requests for
>>    contributors when we identified a need etc. Any new features, releases we
>>    did.
>>    - Organizing "onboarding parties", where existing local users and
>>    community members think of ways to make Thunderbird and the concept of an
>>    email client (in contrast to webmail) and its advantages known to a new
>>    group of users. Each group could find their own ways of doing that. We'd
>>    establish a mailing list to let these different regional groups can
>>    exchange experiences and ideas and material.
>> Questions:
>>    - How else could we get new Thunderbird users? Do you have any other
>>    ideas?
>>    - Who would like to get active, in one of the above tasks? It
>>    shouldn't just be a spur of the moment action, but a continuous nurturing
>>    of the communication channels.
> I think one thing that should be improved, is setting up Thunderbird for
> the first time. As it is now, you immediately get a prompt to get an
> account for Gandhi, and the option to use an existing mail account is
> somewhat hidden. Most of the users do have an existing account though,
> provided by their ISP, so I think configuring Thunderbird for an existing
> mail account should be the default.
> Also if someone doesn't have an existing mail account or wants to setup a
> new account anyway, he should be served better than to be given the option
> to get an account for Gandhi. There are a couple of free mail providers,
> like Gmail of Hotmail, which have their own merits. A brief explanation of
> the differences between such a free account, an address with their ISP and
> a payed account and maybe a guide to help acquire an account for Gmail or
> Hotmail is the least we could do. This is especially necessary, since
> people don't always realize what an email client is or does and they don't
> understand the difference between the program and the mail address.
> Onno
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