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Dear Ben,

I have a YouTube Channel <https://www.youtube.com/c/thunderbirddaily> that is 
dedicated to Mail Addons  (I use it mainly for highlighting new features when I 
release), but I would love to add some Thunderbird - specific tips(*); we just need 
some good script writers to highlight different features - if anyone would like to 
collaborate or the Thunderbird Council would like to use it for messages to 
prospective / existing users you are very welcome to use it.

I find that on answering the majority of IT-related questions that are not 
developer-specific, I do prefer YouTube videos - show and tell is just the simplest 
and most powerful way of learning something.

One thing that I think is a big difference to webmail is that it is encouraging the 
fight against "inbox fatigue" - the problem of emails getting lost in the fray of 
daily incoming emails - or not being able to see the trees for the forest. One major 
feature I always liked about Thunderbird since thee Netscape days was its intuitive 
and productive thread view, so that would definitely be a feature worth highlighting. 
Another one would be the GLODA search options, maybe in a two part view from simple 
(quick filter) to advanced (GLODA facets / saved searches).

It would also be cool if we had some simple polls about email management questions, 
such as "what do you do with your read / sent email"

  * delete
  * archive
  * leave in the inbox for ever and auto-archive
  * file into specific folders

Polls like this are really useful for building up engagement.

(*) A video demonstrating highlights for the yearly ESR release should also be offered.


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> *Subject:*Outreach to end users
> *From:*Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch at beonex.com> <mailto:ben.bucksch at beonex.com>
> *To:*Tb-planning
> *Sent: *Monday, 20/03/2017 23:51:10 23:51 GMT ST +0000 [Week 12]
> Thank you, everybody, for electing me into the TB council.
> One thing that we can do better is to reach out to end users. Some people are 
> already working hard to give end users support. Thank you for that!
> We should also try to find new users. Most people I know just use either webmail or 
> a smartphone app to read mail. They know what an email client is. Once I installed 
> Thunderbird for some "mom and dad" type users, they were overjoyed: "I don't have to 
> log in anymore. I just open Thunderbird on my computer and boom! All my emails are 
> there!" and "I have my 2 emails accounts both in the same place. No need to check 
> several websites. That saves so much time". For me, the 3 key reasons are:
>   * efficient use
>   * privacy
>   * user empowerment
>     How can we reach new users?
> I have some ideas, but hopefully, you have more:
>   * Introduction tutorials for new users of Thunderbird, e.g.
>       o On the website, as explanations of the advantages of Thunderbird for end
>         users. Not just the power user features like advanced filtering, but what
>         Mom and Dad users get from an email client.
>       o As videos on YouTube or WebM
>   * A blog, Twitter account, Facebook: Posting new good developments of Thunderbird.
>     E.g. the vote of the new council, any requests for contributors when we
>     identified a need etc. Any new features, releases we did.
>   * Organizing "onboarding parties", where existing local users and community
>     members think of ways to make Thunderbird and the concept of an email client (in
>     contrast to webmail) and its advantages known to a new group of users. Each
>     group could find their own ways of doing that. We'd establish a mailing list to
>     let these different regional groups can exchange experiences and ideas and material.
> Questions:
>   * How else could we get new Thunderbird users? Do you have any other ideas?
>   * Who would like to get active, in one of the above tasks? It shouldn't just be a
>     spur of the moment action, but a continuous nurturing of the communication channels.
> We've discussed this in the past, and there've been people already itching to help 
> with this. This is great! Those of you who want to help, please reply with what you 
> want to help with. If you have already pertinent experience, please include it.
> Ben
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