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>     Having a default bugzilla instance wouldn't
>     ​ ​
>     be very useful if most developers ignore it.
> ​If I'm thinking of installing an add-on and see a bugzilla full of issues that 
> would be very useful information, both the issues themselves and whether or not 
> they're being ignored by the developer.
> -Dan Veditz

Cross posting from addon reviewers to Tb-Planning, for a reason. Tb-Planning users, 
please remove the reply-to if you want to answer on that list!

In my experience, it is good to have the tracking system, but I often forget to close 
issues that I have actually fixed. I think a good measure of engagement is how many 
are closed and how many are assigned as opposed to being "NEW" and untouched.

Examples from my "busiest" Addon:

Open bugs (53):


Resolved bugs (256):


It might be cool if these metrics could be turned into an "engagement index" which 
could be comparable with the Firefox / Thunderbird Bugzilla or other Addons.

In any case, Bugzilla is an invaluable tool for managing bugs, email alone (or 
reacting to AMO reviews) is not adequate if you have to manage large numbers of users. 
What I like about Bugzilla is that is complex enough to do what I need without being 
completely oblique to the user. I don't like github issues, as it hides too much 
valuable information.

I just wish it was easier to set up / clone Bugzilla and remove it from mozdev.org 
which hasn't got a valid SSL certificate for too long. If Mozilla could host one and 
offer import facilities for existing Bugzilla databases that would be ideal. It might 
also bee a good idea to offer a dedicated Bugzilla for Mail-related Addons, which 
could bee maintained by Addon owners (migrate mozdev.org to a Thunderbird owned domain!)

Now that we have the new Thunderbird Council elected I would like if this could be 
discussed (and what other incentives for Addon Authors could be offered to stay 
supporting this Email client).


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