Possible option (temporary or long term) for TB XUL/XPCOM reliance

Disaster Master disasterlistmanager at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 15:46:01 UTC 2017

Just read this story about the Waterfox developer planning on forking to
continue using C++/XUL/XPCOM (obviously ther eia a huge IF in there):


"He plans to get funding for a startup to fork the last working version
of Firefox with XUL/XPCOM to create a new browser out of it.

He would then try and get programmers on board that would help him
maintain that version of the new browser following in "Mozilla's ethos".

The new browser would have its own release cycle, which would be similar
to Firefox's 1 to Firefox's 3.6 release cycle (less but larger
releases). That new browser would use C++ and not Rust as the core language.

The lead developer plans to provide additional details about the future
of Waterfox in the Waterfox 52 release announcement. The browser is
expected to be out this week."
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