removing query attributes from gloda - which are allowed now? (refer to Jonathan's anouncement of 2011)

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Sun Mar 12 20:02:44 UTC 2017

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> many thanks for that answer.
> How do I find all tagged messages? Would notability help?
> I get all tags by:    var tagArray = MailServices.tags.getAllTags({});
> This works: query.tags(tagArray[1],tagArray[2]);
> But I don't know how many tags there might be. So I tried to replace
> parameter list by apply: query_q.tags.apply(this,tagArray);

You shouldn't be using `this` there, since it's not the object whose method
you're calling; the object is `query_q`. Thus, you should use
`query_q.tags.apply(query_q, tagArray)`. But it would be simpler if you
just used the spread operator, available since Firefox 27:

- Jim
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