easy triage needed for "Bugs Ahoy - find relevant Mozilla bugs"

Wayne Mery vseerror at lehigh.edu
Fri Mar 10 14:12:01 UTC 2017

Some kind soul is needed ...

https://www.joshmatthews.net/bugsahoy/?thunderbird=1 is a cool tool, 
especially for first timers looking for good first bugs 
https://www.joshmatthews.net/bugsahoy/?thunderbird=1&simple=1  But only 
6 are listed because most of the 42 bugs with [good first bugs] in 
whiteboard https://mzl.la/2mp6ZDp are missing the language notation.

Some kind volunteer is needed to add [lang=c++] and [lang=js] to the 
whiteboards.  Please see 
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=532915 for an example.

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