Re: removing query attributes from gloda - which are allowed now? (refer to Jonathan's anouncement of 2011) opto at
Wed Mar 8 17:17:04 UTC 2017


many thanks for the in depth answer.
TB was 47.1.0 and yesterday 'force updated' to 48, at least I didn't find any choice to prevent that.

I had a look in my main message db (my actual email accounts in TB, being IMAP).

There, I find some entries for star = 1 (attrID 58) in the corresponding table. So that confirms your test on IMAP.

I didn't try to set a new star in IMAP and see whether that will go into the db - I don't want to mess around in my main message db.

In any case, for new POP messages star does not go into the db. Maybe a problem with the indexer?

Still, stars are displayed in the messagelist, so they must come from elsewhere (messageheader?).


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