removing query attributes from gloda - which are allowed now? (refer to Jonathan's anouncement of 2011) opto at
Mon Mar 6 22:49:10 UTC 2017

I am posting this in reference to Jonathan's post:!searchin/tb-planning/gloda|sort:relevance/tb-planning/TMow6w2DUz4/E7bZbkTLlzEJ

That post was an announcement to remove some of the possible queries for optimisation of database. Was this done? What can be queried now?

I see that querying for all posts from an identity works, see 2nd example in :

Trying to get starred queries (query.starred(true)) always gives item count 0. returns: Error: Cannot query on attribute read because its canQuery parameter hasn't been set to true.

This indicates that it is no longer possible to query for it.

This MDN page (Creating a gloda message query) gives a list of possible queries, read and starred are included there:

So what is the current status? What can be queried, what not?  Or is my query malformed?

Any help is appreciated.


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