Google Summer of Code 2017 ideas

Patrick Cloke patrick at
Wed Mar 1 16:25:53 UTC 2017

Mozilla was accepted into Google Summer of Code 2017 [1], I just checked
out the ideas page for this year [2] and was saddened to see *NO* ideas
for Thunderbird, Lightning, or Instantbird. I've added an idea for
instant messaging to the brainstorming page [3] and will try to add more
later. I'd encourage other groups in the Thunderbird community to think
about whether they have the time to mentor and what good projects might
be! This has been a great resource in the past to have some work done,
e.g. in 2016:

  * The calendar team had great help last year with converting some of
    their UI from XUL to HTML.
  * Instant messaging had MANY improvements made to our XMPP support
    this year and in the past had additional protocols added, etc.

I'm no longer an administrator for Mozilla's Google Summer of Code, but
was the past two years; I've also mentored a few different projects over
the years. I'd be happy to answer any questions people might have!



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