Why does the Thunderbird team care so less about macOS users?

Nomis101 🐝 Nomis101 at web.de
Sun Jun 4 11:47:33 UTC 2017

Yes, I'm using Thunderbird on macOS now since over 15 years, but since
than I'm a bit disappointed about the slender macOS support. In the
meantime it seems to me, the Thunderbird team does not care so much
about macOS users. For example:

• Thunderbird is shipping on macOS with a broken Spotlight plugin since
3 years now and nobody seems to care
• Thunderbird is completely lacking the support of gestures, which are
available since 9 years on macOS now
• Thunderbird is completely lacking the QuickLook feature, which is
available on macOS since 9 years as well
• Thunderbird on macOS has support of the macOS address book since 14
years, but until than it is still an unfinished "draft" support (you
could rise a child by that time).  It only can read out the macOS
address book, nothing more.
• On all other apps on macOS you have advanced spellchecking support,
with suggestions, multi-language support and so on. But not on Thunderbird.

This only names the mayor things Thunderbird is behind most other mail
apps on macOS. In short, Thunderbird supports this macOS features which
are included in Core, but it is not really using own ones and the ones
which are included in Mail or Mailnews are either unfinished or broken.
So, it is really difficult to convince people on macOS to switch to
Thunderbird. I'm wondering why the Thunderbird team cares so less about
macOS users. Is it because Thunderbird has more Windows users than macOS
users? Is it because of the lack of macOS developers? Or what is it?
Being part of a macOS user forum, I know that more than a few users are
looking for alternatives to Apple Mail. So we are missing opportunity
here if we are not supporting even the minimum a modern macOS user would
expect from an email application.

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