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Mon Jul 17 11:45:52 UTC 2017

On Sun Jul 16 2017 21:58:19 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Josh
Blagden <jfblagden at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why aren't contacts and calendars supported out-of-the-box instead of
> requiring add-ons,

Contacts are supported out of the box (no Addon required).

Merging Lightning into the Core code was supposed to happen a long time
ago, but I guess never happened due to Mozilla deciding to pull all
development resources from Thunderbird a long time ago (I'm sure that
decision was discussed for years).

> not to mention, add-ons for different contact and calendar protocols?
> Why doesn't Lightning support all calendaring protocols? Why doesn't
> Thunderbird support all contact protocols?
Why doesn't some tech saavy Billionaire adopt Thunderbird and hire
enough developers to make everyone's wishes come true?

You are aware that Thunderbird is maintained solely by VOLUNTEERS, right?

That said, things have actually improved quite a bit since Mozilla
formally abandoned Thunderbird development (thankfully they continue[d]
to provide substantial infrastructure support, so thanks to them for
that), and things continue to improve, to the point I'm actually very
optimistic for Thunderbirds future (wasn't always).

The best way for you to help would be to help in any way you can... can
you code? Go find some bugs to work on (even ones of your own). Can't
code?  Go open bugs for adding support for your favorite pet peeves, and
participate (please be polite and respectful of the fact that developers
AND support people are virtually all volunteers - although that is
slowly changing too) however else you are able.

So, what protocol(s) are missing for you? The only ones I can honestly
say should be fully supported are Card/CalDAV, and it appears there is
an excellent Addon that adds this support (don't have any personal
experience with it, but am planning on trying it out soon).

Also - you do know that Addons are a most excellent way for a lone
developer to scratch an itch, and actually add (sometimes serious) new
functionality to TB, and is also an excellent first step to getting that
functionality into the Core Code?

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