Thunderbird Council Elections 2017 - Preliminary Electoral Roll

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Sat Jan 28 11:16:28 UTC 2017

Dear mailing list subscriber, dear Mozillian and friend of Thunderbird,

The next Thunderbird Council election is coming up. The Thunderbird 
Council is proposing that this time people eligible to vote and to stand 
as candidates need to be on an electoral roll. We propose a very simple 
measure to include people on the electoral roll: Dedication to the 
Thunderbird project as expressed by contributions. We suggest to include 
people who over a two year timespan 2015-2016 have dedicated at least 20 
hours to the project.

Contribution can be any of the following: Triaging, fixing or reviewing 
bugs, giving support on SUMO or other forums, localising, testing and 
writing or reviewing add-ons. Simply subscribing to tb-planning will not 
give anyone the right to vote, but active participation in discussions will.

This very simple rule will spare us any complicated metric, like, this 
many patches submitted, this many BMO or SUMO comments written, author 
of add-on with this many users, etc.

Since we already know the people who are dedicating time, their most 
precious asset, to Thunderbird, I have prepared a preliminary electoral 
roll. So far I have enrolled about 100 people, see *People who 
are not on the preliminary roll can contact me and ask to be included, 
mentioning their contribution. The idea is not to make it hard to be on 
the electoral roll.*

A few comments:

*This is a proposed list following the proposed rules.* If we decide 
during the course of the discussion that we want a different set of 
rules, the list will of course change.

Whilst I know contributors who show up on BMO, it is harder to include 
those who don't. I don't know all the add-on authors, so I have included 
the authors of the most popular add-ons which have had updates during 
2015/2016. I also don't know may support people or localisers. So if 
your name is not on the list, please don't take offence, I didn't 
deliberately ignore or undervalue your contribution.

For 12 SUMO contributors nominated by fellow councillor Matt Harris I 
don't have e-mail addresses. Please supply your e-mail addresses or you 
won't be able to vote.

Repeating: *Please self-nominate if I missed to include you!*

Further comments?

Jörg Knobloch
Thunderbird Developer (Thunderbird, Compose and Mailnews Editor and MIME 
peer) - Member of the Thunderbird Council

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