Thunderbird 52 step 1

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Thu Jan 26 02:18:50 UTC 2017

This is a heads up that Thunderbird 52 beta will be built soon.  We look 
forward to having many of you give it a kick!

Unfortunately some Mac problems exist. In the interest of being 
cautious, we expect to _not_ automatically update users of MacOS 10.12 
to the first beta, 52.0b1.

10.12.2 caused some problems, some of which are fixed in 10.12.3 which 
released this week. But we expect some remaining issues.  So we need 
volunteers to do targeted testing.  Thus, the purpose of this email is 
to recruit volunteers - what a concept :)

If you are on 10.12.3 or will be updated real soon, we invite you to 
reply in private to this email and volunteer so we can contact you with 
details. Late-2016 Mac, or old, doesn't matter - we are hoping for a mix.

- for the team -

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