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opto@optosolar.com opto at optosolar.com
Tue Jan 3 17:26:28 UTC 2017

I am writing this from both a users and a developer's pint of view. Usage is in my small enterprise.

a) Whether rewrite of fork or whatever, extensions are crucial. I think business use without extensions is not possible (workflow is too time consuming).
I am talking of quickfolders for better display of large folder structures, nostalgy for better reordering of emails, replymanager (we did a lot of customisation on that and actually wanted to share it, when it broke ca. TB 35), expression search and others. We don't use addressbook yet, I think there are important ones as well.

If I understand correctly, basic TB cannot even help in this scenario (expressionsearch can): John send a purchase order Oct/Nov last year. Where is it? He has send 77 emails since then. He never changes the subject line... Which one has the attachment? (global search does not show attachments nor have a pane for message content, I need to click through/open all emails).
That is a workflow we have pretty often.

I see in many places (forum software) that there is now a preference of design/how it looks over functionality. But do I really need to hide the menu on a 24 inch monitor? Yes, if may look more neat to have a hamburger button? (I know how to get the menu back...).

Rewriting keeps me worried that there will be even less functionality than now. I don't want it more shining, I want more functionality. (Well shining is not bad, but not top priority).
I think currently the functionality with extensions is the bare minumum for company use. So: we need extensions!!! Whatever path is chosen.

Security patches: I read of the high effort needed to prepare security patches if gecko would be forked. BUT: any rewrite will need security patches. That work effort will not go away (it might be smaller in case of a rewrite).

Maybe these thoughts are usable to someone. All the best to our free email client.


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