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Thu Feb 23 16:40:18 UTC 2017

Hi Philip,

	A horrific off-topic side-track so please do reply privately =) I loved
your mail and its analysis for several reasons, although Ben is nearer
the mark on Munich specifically IMHO; but this bit was fun:

On 23/02/17 15:29, Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote:
> What I really want is a single tool that supports text processing,
> numerical analysis and producing figures, graphs and charts all in the
> same program.

	LibreOffice has all of that in a single binary =)

> Document linking has been a miserable failure for 20 years
> and will continue to be so for the next 20.

	Interestingly, some of the MS Office programmers hate interacting with
OLE code too you'll be pleased to know =)

> Oh and I want a numerical
> analysis program that improves on the 1970s design of Visicalc as well.
> Spreadsheets were cool on 8 bit micros but they are a shitty way to
> organize data that isn't a spreadsheet. 

	Agreed; would love help here.

> Oh and I want it to understand
> units and automatically convert between metric and imperial, etc.

	Implemented in the core for LibreOffice, but on a branch IIRC - needs
further work before it can be merged (the relevant awesome hacker was
hired by Mozilla as an aside ;-) - if you'd like to get involved do help
out: engineers everywhere will love you =) Please do poke me if you want
to be part of the solution.

	All the best,


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