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Thu Feb 23 21:34:21 UTC 2017

> What I really want is a single tool that supports text processing, numerical 
> analysis and producing figures, graphs and charts all in the same program. 
sounds very much like you would be in favor of having an easier access to integrated 
formatting and a reach text editor (like word, which is basically what outlook is - 
it's simply a shell for a proprietary HTML dialect that is based on Winword). This is 
used a lot in the corporate world and makes things like copying formatted text from a 
Word document to / from an email very easy.

The advantage of Thunderbird would be that you could have rich text (and in some cases 
superior to word) but it is based on the common standard of HTML and the mail editor  
(Composer) isn't very good at giving these features to the user. I have been preaching 
for a while that Thunderbird's email editor needs rich formatting in an easy to use UI 
(like the Outlook = Word Ribbon), which would give users a similar experience. But I 
wouldn't be sure whether that would really solve the issues with integration into 
Microsoft Office; probably a little bit of a can of worms as the "HTML" that Outlooks 
(read "winword") generates is still a fairly convoluted mess. Integration with a 
modern HTML5 compatible editor would not be easy.

So my question would be: if Composer had the rich features you suggested (Formatted 
tables, paragraph formats + templates, charts) and would give you a similar UI (e.g. 
context sensitive ribbons) would you use it or still change to Outlook because it is 
included in a MS Office pro license? I personally would prefer Thunderbird because of 
web standards, but I am afraid if you are entrenched and used to a Microsoft 
environment then offering all these options is pointless because Thunderbird has no 
influence in the development of Libre office or other integrated suites.

I would still be interested on what would convince you to accept a non Microsoft mail 

One thing I prefer about Thunderbird is the ability of integrating many different mail 
accounts and the configurability via Addons, while being very light weight in its 
"vanilla" configuration.


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