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Am 23.02.17 um 16:06 schrieb Ben Bucksch:
> I've been following this and even briefly spoke to some of those 
> responsible for the project.
> They had problems, but many of them were home-made, due to their 
> internal organization:
> * They had 3 different departments in charge, and no strong leadership. 
> Even if the people in charge knew what's best, they could not get it 
> through. An organization like that cannot work.
> * They used a Firefox and Thunderbird that was years old, even at the time.
> * Last but not least, it was a political issue. The political party of 
> the major changed, and the decision changed.
> * When they started, many of their applications were age-old Windows app 
> or Office macros. Getting rid of that legacy was a big part of the project.
> * Also, Microsoft Germany is in Munich.
> This has little to do with technical merits and all to do with *how* you 
> approach a project. A huge project like this needs to be done with 
> technical expertise, and the people in charge need to be able to get 
> things done.

This is also in short the summary of this article (german language):

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