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Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Feb 23 15:54:08 UTC 2017

Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote on 23.02.2017 16:29:
> The 'loaded' cost of a full time employee is $100K and up. ... Volume 
> licensing for Office is less than a hundred bucks a seat.

Multipled with 20000 seats, that's not cheap. You can hire a lot of 
software developers for 20 millions.

If more companies did that math, and hired people to polish the rough 
edges and implement what they need, Thunderbird would flourish. In fact, 
some of the TB improvements came to be exactly like that, from various 

The biggest problem of TB vs. Outlook is the calendar. That was cited as 
major reason why one large German orgs went back from TB to Outlook by 
political decree.

> Telling me I have to use a particular O/S or a particular software 
> package is just like telling me I have to only watch Fox News.

Right. Microsoft is all about choice. Of course.

> What I don't like about Libre Office is that it is nothing more than a 
> clone of Office ... Given a choice between Office and a pale 
> imitation, I will chose the original.

Sorry, but you're wrong here. LibreOffice is the descendant of 
StarOffice. StarWriter goes back to 1984.

(Offtopic, but just to correct a wrong fact)

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