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Phillip Hallam-Baker phill at
Thu Feb 23 15:29:40 UTC 2017

I saw the same happen here in Massachusetts and I think you folk are all
way off base.

First off, what is the point of Open Source, isn't it something to do with
freedom? Well giving people freedom to make choices means giving the person
who actually uses the tool the freedom to make choices, not the freedom of
some IT standupenfuhrer to dictate to users what they will do.

The reason there was a reaction here in MA was that the decision to move to
open source was taken by a closed IT clique with absolutely no input from
the employees they were affecting. And those employees rightly and
correctly gave the IT department a very well deserved kick right up the
whumpus for which I heartily applaud them.

The 'loaded' cost of a full time employee is $100K and up. Even the cost of
high end tools like Inventor or Solidworks is small in comparison. Volume
licensing for Office is less than a hundred bucks a seat. Faced with an
employee revolt, departments over-ruled the IT department and made their
own licensing deals with Microsoft.

Telling me I have to use a particular O/S or a particular software package
is just like telling me I have to only watch Fox News.

What I don't like about Libre Office is that it is nothing more than a
clone of Office and that is bad because Office itself has not changed
significantly in 15 years. Given a choice between Office and a pale
imitation, I will chose the original. But that isn't what I want at all.

What I really want is a single tool that supports text processing,
numerical analysis and producing figures, graphs and charts all in the same
program. Document linking has been a miserable failure for 20 years and
will continue to be so for the next 20. Oh and I want a numerical analysis
program that improves on the 1970s design of Visicalc as well. Spreadsheets
were cool on 8 bit micros but they are a shitty way to organize data that
isn't a spreadsheet. Oh and I want it to understand units and automatically
convert between metric and imperial, etc.
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