Thunderbird Council Elections 2017

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Feb 21 15:47:27 UTC 2017

It is nearly a year since the current Thunderbird Council was elected,
and as their mandate expires on 1st of March, we need to elect a new

The Thunderbird Council Election in 2017 will be performed as follows:

1. A list of persons eligible to vote (the "electors") shall be
established by the existing Council based on recent active contributions
to the Thunderbird project.

2. The list of electors will be entered into a private Mailman list that
will be created for the purpose of managing the 2017 Thunderbird Council
election. All people with voting rights will be added to that list, and
any discussion of the nominees and candidates, and any specific
instructions on how to vote, will be distributed through that list and
only through that list. All members of the list can post freely to the
list (subject only to moderation for abusive posts) to discuss any
issues relevant to the election. The names of the electors will be made

3. Persons on the electorate list who desire to stand for election
should send their self-announcement to the list, titled: “Standing for
Election: <name>”, stating in the body of the email:
  a) name;
  b) current professional affiliation (if any);
  c) a statement summarising their contributions to Thunderbird; and
  d) a personal statement.

4. It is the responsibility of the person desiring to stand to make sure
their message makes it to the list. No late self-announcements will be
accepted for any reason.

5. Electors shall vote for Council members from the list of those
standing for election, with the specific method and process selected by
Gerv as a representative of Mozilla.

6. The voting process shall select a Council of seven members, each with
a one-year term. Voting will occur on an external, secure
voting-as-a-service platform. If more than seven people stand for
election, voting will be done using “ranked choice”, with conversion of
the individual choices into an elected council done using the STV
method. If seven or fewer persons stand for election, then the voting
shall consist of a simple yes or no to accept the entire slate as the
elected Council.


Voter list finalised:        23:59:00 UTC, Mon 20th Feb   2017
Mailman list established:               by Wed 22nd Feb
Voter list published:                   by Wed 22nd Feb
Nominations close:           23:59:00 UTC, Wed  1st March
Voting emails sent out:                 on Wed  8th March
Voting closes:               23:59:00 UTC, Wed 15th March
Results announced:                  around Fri 17th March 2017

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