The City Of Munich Now Wants To Abandon Linux And Switch Back to Windows - Slashdot

Mihovil Stanić mihovil at
Mon Feb 13 14:11:43 UTC 2017

13.02.2017 u 14:36, ISHIKAWA,chiaki je napisao/la:
> I suppose it is too late.
> But given the situation that outcome could be either way (linux or 
> Windows) without Mayor's push in one direction, I have a feeling 
> opensource community could have chimed in with a bit of tips, etc. 
> over the years to help the move to linux and open source products 
> somewhat.
> Oh well, I am speaking with 20/20 hindsight.

This has little to do with opensource community.
I'm not german, but this is how I see it from few articles in last two 

1. Mayor is openly promoting Microsoft since it won elections. Declared 
him self as fan, but I think there is deeper connection behind.
2. Microsoft offered to move German headquarters to Munich. Read between 
the lines what condition for that is.
3. Some company made review of Munich IT and said move to Microsoft 
products would be more beneficial and cheaper (?) for Munich. Accidently 
that company is Microsoft gold partner or something like that.
4. As I understand from latest articles, Microsoft moved headquarters to 
5. Munich is voting to ditch current IT system and adopt Windows 10 
(with I guess MS Office and Outlook included).

It's a game of big numbers, PR and marketing.
I could be wrong somewhere, but this is how I see it.


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