The City Of Munich Now Wants To Abandon Linux And Switch Back to Windows - Slashdot

ISHIKAWA,chiaki ishikawa at
Mon Feb 13 13:36:14 UTC 2017

On 2017/02/13 0:18, Nomis101 🐝 wrote:
> Am 12.02.17 um 12:12 schrieb ISHIKAWA,chiaki:
>> Anyway, it would be very interesting to learn WHAT exactly, the users
>> there think, are the shortcomings of libreoffice (and possibly
>> thunderbird) are. I am not sure whether they think Firefox is lacking in
>> some features.
> As I now, the move back to windows was initiated from the mayor of
> munich, because he is a big Microsoft fan. Und you always find some
> people complaining about the current IT situation. So I don't think
> there are real good reasons for the move back to Windows.

I suppose it is too late.

But given the situation that outcome could be either way (linux or 
Windows) without Mayor's push in one direction, I have a feeling 
opensource community could have chimed in with a bit of tips, etc. over 
the years to help the move to linux and open source products somewhat.
Oh well, I am speaking with 20/20 hindsight.

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