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....probably most of the people that work for the munich administration 
have a PC at home that runs Windows - and want that everything works 
just the same way than at home.

Also, I read on that some leading employees wanted to install 
by themselves Skype and M$ Office on their work laptops (also running on 
Linux) - and were really angry that they couldn't get it done (Libre 
Office was already installed) - the idea behind must have been that one 
doesn't really have a word processing program on the machine when not 
running M$ WORD.

Also, some people were unhappy that they had to wait 1 week for their 
smartphone to be connected to their work e-mail account - as the 
IT-person explained this was because an external mail server had to be 
set up (whereas these people could connect the smartphone to the account 
at the privat mail provider by themselves within some 15 minutes).  Here 
again, the "problem" had  nothing to do with Linux.....

But the main reason seems to me that the main supporter of Linux in 
the former city mayor Christian Ude, who was in office for 21 years, is 
now retired and the views of his successor on Limux are the exact contrary.

So maybe substantial lobbying from the side of M$ has not even been 
necessary...even if I wouldn't be sure that it didn't take place.
So I would go with Axel that this is due to bias mainly caused by 
general ignorance and not being willing to see the bigger picture.


Am 12.02.2017 um 14:48 schrieb Axel Grude:
> The "compatibility" argument shows that effectively the product with 
> the biggest market share calls the shot. A lot of corporations like 
> the integration of Mail with MS Office, we have no viable alternative 
> for this yet.
> I still wonder whether tablet-compatibility also played a role in the 
> decision towards Windows 10?
> I would also not be surprised if there was some "lobby" decisions made 
> or if it is more based on Bias.
> Axel
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>> *Subject:*The City Of Munich Now Wants To Abandon Linux And Switch 
>> Back to Windows - Slashdot
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>> Not new news. But interesting regardless.  A few thousand Thunderbird 
>> seats.
>> "The prestigious FOSS project replacing the entire city's administration
>> IT with FOSS based systems, is about to be cancelled and
>> decommissioned," writes long-time Slashdot reader Qbertino. TechRepublic
>> reports:
>> Politicians at open-source champion Munich will next week vote on
>> whether to abandon Linux and return to Windows by 2021. The city
>> authority, which made headlines for ditching Windows, will discuss
>> proposals to replace the Linux-based OS used across the council with a
>> Windows 10-based client. If the city leaders back the proposition it
>> would be a notable U-turn by the council, which spent years migrating
>> about 15,000 staff from Windows to LiMux, a custom version of the Ubuntu
>> desktop OS, and only completed the move in 2013...
>> The use of the open-source Thunderbird email client and LibreOffice
>> suite across the council would also be phased out, in favor of using
>> "market standard products" that offer the "highest possible
>> compatibility" with external and internal software... The full council
>> will vote on whether to back the plan next Wednesday. If all SPD and CSU
>> councillors back the proposal put forward by their party officials, then
>> this new proposal will pass, because the two parties hold the majority.
>> The leader of the Munich Green Party says the city will lose "many
>> millions of euros" if the change is implemented. The article also
>> reports that Microsoft moved its German headquarters to Munich last 
>> year.
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