The City Of Munich Now Wants To Abandon Linux And Switch Back to Windows - Slashdot

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Sun Feb 12 13:48:59 UTC 2017

The "compatibility" argument shows that effectively the product with the biggest 
market share calls the shot. A lot of corporations like the integration of Mail with 
MS Office, we have no viable alternative for this yet.

I still wonder whether tablet-compatibility also played a role in the decision towards 
Windows 10?

I would also not be surprised if there was some "lobby" decisions made or if it is 
more based on Bias.


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> Not new news. But interesting regardless.  A few thousand Thunderbird seats.
> "The prestigious FOSS project replacing the entire city's administration
> IT with FOSS based systems, is about to be cancelled and
> decommissioned," writes long-time Slashdot reader Qbertino. TechRepublic
> reports:
> Politicians at open-source champion Munich will next week vote on
> whether to abandon Linux and return to Windows by 2021. The city
> authority, which made headlines for ditching Windows, will discuss
> proposals to replace the Linux-based OS used across the council with a
> Windows 10-based client. If the city leaders back the proposition it
> would be a notable U-turn by the council, which spent years migrating
> about 15,000 staff from Windows to LiMux, a custom version of the Ubuntu
> desktop OS, and only completed the move in 2013...
> The use of the open-source Thunderbird email client and LibreOffice
> suite across the council would also be phased out, in favor of using
> "market standard products" that offer the "highest possible
> compatibility" with external and internal software... The full council
> will vote on whether to back the plan next Wednesday. If all SPD and CSU
> councillors back the proposal put forward by their party officials, then
> this new proposal will pass, because the two parties hold the majority.
> The leader of the Munich Green Party says the city will lose "many
> millions of euros" if the change is implemented. The article also
> reports that Microsoft moved its German headquarters to Munich last year.
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