Setting up Thunderbird with Norton 360.

Matt Harris at
Fri Dec 22 21:47:03 UTC 2017

On 22-Dec-17 10:18 AM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Hey Matt,
> thanks for the heads-up.
> Which exact step of the dialog was failing? Just showing up? Or any of 
> the specific config gathering steps - if so which one (it should be 
> shown in the UI).
The dialog initially got stuck with the fetch from the ISPDB (it was a 
google account).  So I turned off the "smart firewall"
Then it got stuck on the validation process.  So I turned off the 
identity safe and sonar email protection.  Unfortunately I do not know 
what worked and what did not as I sound go back and find thing had 
turned themselves back up as my 15 minutes were up before I had time to 
test the feature.

What is know is that the Norton issues are not new.  Turning off email 
scanning, the firewall and sonar are common first suggestions in 
support.  Although I understand you can turn the whole thing off from a 
menu.  Support feedback indicates that does not work for account setup.

> Which "security" product did he use? Which exact setting in the 
> product was it that made it work? It would be good to know the precise 
> setting, not just all or nothing disable.

As I said in the Subject.  Norton 360 in this instance.
> My suggestion would be to not just disable, but uninstall all security 
> products and only use Windows Defender and Windows Firewall built into 
> Windows. Many other "security" products actually decrease security, 
> instead of increasing it. But I understand that's besides your point, 
> because it would be difficult to sell that to end users who are used 
> to buying snake oil.
You get no argument from me,  but we are stuck with Norton and McAfee... 
Dell install it to be helpful. Verizon flog it as "their" security 
suite.  So do ATT.  Then we have what is arguably the market leader 
Symantec.  Last known to be good when Perter Norton owned the company.

> I think the best approach would be to find out the culprit, talk to 
> the vendor, and whitelist us or our method.
Agreed.  perhaps you can get Symantec to talk to us....  they will only 
communicate with folk that have @mozilla email addresses.  I tried to 
open a dialog with them years ago regarding their firewall blocking each 
and every point release of Thunderbird.

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