Setting up Thunderbird with Norton 360.

Matt Harris at
Thu Dec 21 11:15:35 UTC 2017

A friend arrived at my home this past weekend with his new Dell laptop 
and asked for help installing an email program.  Not a problem I though 
so I downloaded Thunderbird, ran the installer and watched the new 
account wizard totally fail to do anything.  Just that nice blue windows 
cursor indication something was happening.  After a time I cancelled the 
account setup and disabled the "smart firewall"  tried again.  Nope, had 
to turn just about everything in the product, including mail scanning, 
just to get to the point of Thunderbird setting up the accounts.

I am dropping this mail here,  not seeking support,  but looking to 
generate interest and discussion in how we get Thunderbird to just work 
with these every increasingly rubbish security products.  Clearly if we 
are to grow a market share having the product set up an account without 
major changes to the anti virus/internet security suite is a given.

So what suggestions do folks have.  What we are doing not is clearly not 


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