Hardware for Thunderbird Core Developers

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Mon Aug 21 12:18:30 UTC 2017

Jörg Knobloch wrote on 17.08.2017 19:53:
> Perhaps I can give you some background information on why the idea of 
> a hardware grant was established in the first place. One of our 
> developers who devotes time to the project ever day and maintains a 
> module on three platforms desperately needs hardware for a platform 
> that cannot be run as a virtual machine. Another one works on some old 
> hardware where a simple build takes one to two hours to complete. The 
> Council is of the opinion that these people who give their time freely 
> to the project shouldn't also have to buy their own hardware to keep 
> doing so.


In fact, this is one of the best uses of money possible to ensure that 
the volunteers who actively and productively contribute can do so 
efficiently, and use their time in an most efficient manner. Hardware is 
one of the cheapest ways to achieving that.

We need to ensure that our contributors have what they need.

This decision is very good for the project. (I say this a person who 
will not profit from it).


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