Hardware for Thunderbird Core Developers

Wayne Mery vseerror at lehigh.edu
Fri Aug 18 01:37:33 UTC 2017

On 8/17/2017 1:53 PM, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> On 17/08/2017 16:53, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
>> "In fact, if reviewed now, we'd have to remove some people from the 
>> list :-("
>> So wait your admitting that more frequent review might be better 
>> oversight? Why would you want to wait a year and yet entitle people 
>> to grants of hardware which you say if reviewed now they wouldn't be 
>> eligible for.
>> Seems more frequent reviews or a review upon the time of request 
>> would be a more accountable way of spending donations?
> Dear Benjamin,
> thanks for writing and voicing your concern.
> First and foremost let me assure you that the Thunderbird Council is 
> spending income from donations in a transparent, accountable, 
> professional and best possible way.
> As for the hardware for developers issue: The list was established at 
> the end of March 2017 as you can see from the history of the Wiki 
> page. It was established after some discussion in the Council and 
> after running an analysis tool to count checkins. That was five months 
> ago.
> The list is under constant informal review, as I do most of the 
> sheriffing on comm-central. I would of course call for an update of 
> the list should the occasion arise and we would also then re-run the 
> analysis tool. As far as I'm aware, the list is up-to-date, however, 
> one person on the list has departed the project, apparently for 
> personal or work-related reasons. We will adjust the list accordingly 
> in due course, but please understand that we can't kick someone off 
> should they fail to contribute for a while after years of solid 
> contributions. Of course all requests for grants will be carefully 
> checked. I am sad to say that there haven't been any new arrivals who 
> contribute on a weekly basis, however, we have a few new promising new 
> contributors and also come-backs or seasoned contributors, so we will 
> repeat analysis and discussion towards the end of the year.
> Perhaps I can give you some background information on why the idea of 
> a hardware grant was established in the first place. One of our 
> developers who devotes time to the project ever day and maintains a 
> module on three platforms desperately needs hardware for a platform 
> that cannot be run as a virtual machine. Another one works on some old 
> hardware where a simple build takes one to two hours to complete. The 
> Council is of the opinion that these people who give their time freely 
> to the project shouldn't also have to buy their own hardware to keep 
> doing so.
Quite right. Further to the point of absentee/"lapsed" individuals, if 
someone was absent for 6 months or a year and decided to come back 
because getting  hardware allows them to do the work (absent 
non-functional or frustrating hardware), we should support that effort 
and welcome them back. We've had productive people with bad hardware and 
didn't have the process in place to support them.
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