Invitation for technical discussion on next-generation Thunderbird (Semantic Desktop)

Tito f.disclosure at
Thu Apr 27 19:09:19 UTC 2017

> So, for me, a good assumption is that people will eventually have
> billions of message items comprising terabytes of data in their local
> (shared-with-email) store. Eventually each user would be part of a
> global federation of users that together have billions of times that
> number of messages as a federated semantic web.


so if we thing about implementation perspective what database do you
think should be implemented i.e. embedded PostgreSQL, Mysql . I do not
believe that IndexedDB can coup with that requirement. The only think
that will most likely do it is hash table (Mork) but that is what we all
(especially Joshua) wants to kill. So i am kind of curious what database
are you proposing to be running in the background in order to support
those "terabytes of data"?


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