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> Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote on 24.04.2017 19:24:
>> Those are all mixed in with my regular mail because the boundary between
>> mailing lists and mail is fuzzy. But it need not be. And making a
>> distinction behind the scenes would probably lead to a lot of advantages.
>> So for example, I have 30 folders for different IETF mailing lists. For
>> each list I have had to manually set up a filtering rule on the server and
>> when I search through my email for something, my client has no idea that
>> the mailing list mail is different from my regular mail.
>> I don't want to have to go to a separate application. But I do want my
>> application to recognize that the mailing list mail is in a different
>> category and manage it accordingly.
>> These days pretty much all mailing list software adds and supports the
>> mailing list headers but almost no clients leverage them at all.
> Right. (Much!) More intelligent filtering out of the box, by default, is
> one of the things that I want TB:NG to do on top of current TB
> functionality. Each mailing list should be a virtual folder, automatically.
While there are many folk with very large inboxes, the number of people
with really large numbers of personal mail is rather smaller.​ So
separating the mail out and storing it separately is useful. While I don't
want every mail on every mailing list I subscribe to on every device, I do
want all my personal mail.

One caveat is that while most of my messages by number are from mailing
lists, my personal mail is much larger by data volume because of

Another reason I want this separation is that right now we don't have
protocols that support encrypted mailing lists and that is something I am
trying to change when some patents expire later this year.
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