Invitation for technical discussion on next-generation Thunderbird

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Mon Apr 24 17:56:03 UTC 2017

Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote on 24.04.2017 19:48:
> While there are many folk with very large inboxes, the number of 
> people with really large numbers of personal mail is rather smaller.​ 
> So separating the mail out and storing it separately is useful. While 
> I don't want every mail on every mailing list I subscribe to on every 
> device, I do want all my personal mail.

Yes. I like your idea of automatically storing mailing list messages in 
a separate physical folder. I think we should do that (per default - of 
course that should be configurable). That would solve this issue of 
excessively large folders.

I don't think many people would able to read/write more than 20000-50000 
emails per year. That would be an email every 2 minutes, 8 hours a day, 
every work day, all the time. I think 10k per year are realistic. Just 
to keep things in perspective.

We're getting a bit off-track, though :).


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