Invitation for technical discussion on next-generation Thunderbird

Robert Kaiser kairo at
Sun Apr 23 14:25:13 UTC 2017

Joshua Cranmer 🐧 schrieb:
>    JS support and platforms

One of the most important pieces for me personally (but then I'm not a 
developer here, just an observer) is that I really want Thunderbird to 
run *inside* of Firefox in some way. I want links in emails marked as 
visitied if I have read them in the browser. I want a feed reader that 
can break entries down into plain text without the nasty site formatting 
but give me the full entry on the website in an instant. I don't want to 
jump between mail app and browser app all the time for all the web 
content mentioned in messages I read. I may want to organize my open 
email tabs the same way I ogranize web tabs, and in a single system.

Also, I do not want to taint my system with a v8 or Blink running all 
the time, all I care about is code that is actually developed in the 
open by someone respecting people on the web and not by someone who 
collects every bit of data and tracks every whim of my existence for ad 
targeting. So if I should use TB, it better run on a Gecko or Servo or 
so, and not in any framework that requires Google software.

All that said, I recently read that ES modules are already in Firefox 
code, I now found that is the overall 
tracking bug and 
landed module scripts behind a pref in Firefox 54 (currently Beta).


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