Thunderbird++ for each of the four major components

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Apr 20 04:37:56 UTC 2017

The Wanderer wrote on 19.04.2017 15:38:
> For Thunderbird, on the one hand there's account configuration
> (including server names, usernames, passwords, etc., which the users may
> almost never need to remember), which is complex enough to be a pain to
> set back up - and on the other hand there's the store of local mail
> messages, which is essentially impossible to re-create without importing
> it, and which can range in size from "minimal and totally unimportant"
> (a few megabytes or less, for someone who never uses Local Folders at
> all) to multiple gigabytes of valuable and irreplaceable data (as in my
> case).

FWIW, it's good to speak on this level, instead of "must import my profile".

Importing account config should be relatively easy. Reading local 
folders (mbox) should also be possible, and there's a clear need for 
that, if you're not using IMAP.

But there's a lot of other stuff in the profile, your filters, your spam 
filter data, and what not, and that's a lot harder to migrate. In fact, 
an MVP product won't even have filters. (And I say that as somebody who 
totally depends on filters.)

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