Likely timing of future Thunderbird Gecko builds

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Apr 20 04:28:40 UTC 2017

Magnus Melin wrote on 19.04.2017 16:00:
> If you have a permanent fork as tip you can't realistically expect to 
> every get back in sync with trunk and you're therefore left to die. 
> You could compare it to a space shot with planned re-entry as opposed 
> to just going of for Jupiter with no plans to ever return. Yes, you 
> will run out of supplies. 


> Looking at this in a perspective, add-ons are very niche. We only have 
> around 10 add-ons that are are popular enough to have > 1% of user share.

We could simply integrate these 10 addons into core. That's not the issue.

> Not representative to this groups for sure, but that means the very 
> vast majority of users would be happy without add-ons (lightning 
> excluded). 

Right. Let's say 10% of our users install any addo of any kind (other 
than the 10 popular ones). That leaves 90% happy users without addons.

The actual problem is something else: Firefox kills addons not because 
of the addon manager, but because the XUL addons use XUL and XPCOM 
features that they want to kill. So, whether something is an addon or 
part of core actually does not matter.

What matters is that we have a lot more application surface than Firefox 
has with its 5 dialogs. That's the part that will kill us. We simply 
have a lot more app code (outside Gecko).


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