AW: Re: Thunderbird++ for each of the four major components opto at
Tue Apr 18 21:09:21 UTC 2017

> Matt Harris wrote on 18.04.2017 12:11:
> > If you are not delivering more features that the windows 10 mail app 
> > which is almost universally denigrated as next to useless  then you 
> > are not delivering something useful.

If TB stays too simple for too long, it will loose users. I don't think there is a market for 'simple mail apps' on PCs - we have them on the smartphone - why use a PC for that?

I/We are business users: we need calendar. I think most enterprises do. We receive emails and drop them in the calendar to create tasks and events. There is no use having an email client without calendering. If that is not in TB, enterprises will need to go elsewhere. The same holds for IMAP: being able to access the mailbox from multiple PCs, without Exchange or similiar.

Google calendar, even in a tab, is not an option: at least in Germany, people use open source in order not to give personal data to companies like Microsoft, Google, etc. But also: if Google's calendaring server is outside of the European Community, I am not even legally allowed to use it for my company. If I don't want to continually check the newest developments on 'safe harbour for data', I want to keep that locally.

So as email is about information and answering at a certain time, it needs a calendar. At least with simple conversions between email and tasks/events.


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