[Council Meeting] Featured add-ons, EU donations and Community Manager

Philipp Kewisch mozilla at kewis.ch
Tue Apr 18 21:15:00 UTC 2017

Hello Community,

I am writing you today again to inform you about the results of our
council meeting. We skipped the week before due to time constraints,
luckily most of us were able to make it to Friday's meeting and as
always there was a lot to discuss.

We started off with a short discussion on Thunderbird and featured
add-ons. There was a request to get Cardbook into the featured add-ons
list. The addons.mozilla.org feature board does not process Thunderbird
add-ons, but rather the add-ons team refers feature requests to us.
After a short discussion it became clear that we need to have a process
on featured add-ons and that it makes sense to do something similar to
Firefox, where there is a feature board that regularly decides which
add-ons should be featured. The feature board is not something we
believe needs to be in the council’s hands, but instead we would like to
involve the community as much as possible. We already have someone in
mind that could help set up the process and will surely let you all know
when there is an opportunity to apply to the feature board.

Next we talked about how to better accept donations in the EU and it is
clear we need some guidance from a legal and tax perspective. We will be
looking into our options here, we definitely need to make sure we are
aware of the pitfalls of doing things wrong. We would like to avoid
doing things wrong :-)

We also talked about the Community Manager role, and it became clear
that each council member has a different opinion on what this role
should be doing. If we put everything together, we need a
manager. As that would either be highly expensive or impracticable,
we’ve decided we each need to take the high level approach and figure
out what the goals are we want to reach. Then we can see what kind of
manager we need, and how to phrase the job requisition.

We will continue the open topics via email and in the next call. It
definitely feels like we are making progress in our discussions and
everyone is bringing up some good points. We will keep you informed and
look forward to your feedback.

Also a note for those of you that are waiting to hear on the topic of
the financial home: The next announcement is right around the corner,
but first we would like to contact involved parties beforehand so they
are aware. After that it shouldn't take long. I know this has been
outstanding for a while and we are eager to make the announcement
public, but I am sure you understand that given multiple parties were
under consideration it takes some coordination.

Philipp -- on behalf of the Thunderbird Council
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