Likely timing of future Thunderbird Gecko builds

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Tue Apr 18 17:17:35 UTC 2017

Ben Bucksch wrote on 18.04.2017 18:27:
> If we depart ESR, we have a few months at best until *death*.

In other words, at the moment where we're on an unsupported ESR, we're 
in the ICU ("Intensive Care Unit"), with no hope of recovery. All that 
remains at that point is to say goodbye to our family and friends and 
die gracefully (without infecting others with critical security bugs).

The only way for TB to stay healthy is to stay on the Mozilla-supported ESR.

Sorry that my last email came across harsh. I've just seen too many 
projects do belly-up because of this exact fallacy "we'll keep the older 
Gecko and backport fixes".

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