Thunderbird++ for each of the four major components

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Apr 18 16:45:36 UTC 2017

On 18/04/17 16:57, The Wanderer wrote:
> Although I don't use it as heavily as I used to (by a large margin), I
> do consider the NNTP functionality of Thunderbird to be a key part of
> its feature set, without which it would not be complete. It may not be
> part of "minimum viable", but it is still an essential target for a
> sufficient replacement for "current Thunderbird", IMO.

Quite possibly. But keeping clear the (massive) difference between
"minimum viable" and "sufficient replacement" is utterly vital. We can
define "sufficient replacement" once we've built "minimum viable" -
there's no need to define it any earlier than that.

> Even for "minimum viable", sufficient Usenet-awareness to be able to
> open and display imported messages with e.g. a Newsgroups: header but no
> To: header would seem important. (I have hundreds if not thousands of
> such, in Local Folders -> Sent and in "manual archive" folders of the same.)

Are you typical in that regard?

> Actually, that brings up a potentially important point. Is it intended
> that people be able to import their existing Thunderbird profiles into
> this "minimum viable product", and use them seamlessly?


> If not, that makes enticing people across from Thunderbird to
> Thunderbird++ a considerably more difficult proposition.

It wasn't hard for people to move from the Mozilla Suite to Firefox, so
I don't see why that should be true.


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