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On 2017-04-18 at 06:21, Gervase Markham wrote:

> On 18/04/17 11:11, Matt Harris wrote:

<snip calendar discussion>

(I did have something to say on the subject of calendars, but I've
reluctantly concluded that it's not really relevant to progressing this
discussion. Short version: I miss the standalone-calendar Sunbird, but I
don't have any interest in an integrated calendar, except insofar as it
can be made to behave as if it were a standalone one.)

>> * I do see a small but continuous stream of issues in Support with
>> chat and News (NNTP).  Mostly looking for long standing bug fixes,
>> given Mozilla ignored that module as much as they could get away
>> with. Are there 10 or 10 million users of NNTP.  I have no idea.
> NNTP is certainly not part of an MVP. And I say that as a keen NNTP
> user.

Although I don't use it as heavily as I used to (by a large margin), I
do consider the NNTP functionality of Thunderbird to be a key part of
its feature set, without which it would not be complete. It may not be
part of "minimum viable", but it is still an essential target for a
sufficient replacement for "current Thunderbird", IMO.

Even for "minimum viable", sufficient Usenet-awareness to be able to
open and display imported messages with e.g. a Newsgroups: header but no
To: header would seem important. (I have hundreds if not thousands of
such, in Local Folders -> Sent and in "manual archive" folders of the same.)

Actually, that brings up a potentially important point. Is it intended
that people be able to import their existing Thunderbird profiles into
this "minimum viable product", and use them seamlessly?

If so, that seems to raise the bar for what would constitute minimum
functionality, since at the very least anything the program doesn't yet
understand would have to be retained in such a way that when support is
added later the data can still be picked up. (Subscribed-newsgroup
configuration, for example.)

If not, that makes enticing people across from Thunderbird to
Thunderbird++ a considerably more difficult proposition.

   The Wanderer

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