Thunderbird++ for each of the four major components

R Kent James kent at
Tue Apr 18 04:53:11 UTC 2017

Here's my personal understanding/guess of where we are likely heading 
with each of the 4 major pieces of Thunderbird. What's new here is 
mostly discussing the "other" pieces beyond email, as most of the 
Thunderbird++ discussion so far has implicitly focused on email. Note in 
all cases, it may be possible to incorporate portions of the new work in 
the existing Thunderbird, but that is not a primary goal. Retaining 
existing users IS a primary goal.

*Mail (and related views)*: There will be a servo-like rewrite of the 
major email portions (accounts, servers, folders, messages, views) using 
web technologies. This will likely be mostly driven by a paid team.

*Contacts*: will be a complete rewrite in web technologies. I am working 
toward figuring out how the Cardbook, vContacts, and my group (Caspia) 
can work together on this. It is likely this will be done mostly by 

*Calendar*: will likely be a line-by-line conversion from XUL and the 
Mozilla Platform to web technologies. I have another Caspia team that 
might work on this, but the overall task is probably too big for them alone.

*Chat*: I have heard nothing from this team, but I would guess this is 
also likely a line-by-line conversion from XUL and the Mozilla Platform 
to web technologies.

It would be good to hear from the Chat and Calendar teams about 
possibilities for those subsystems, so far I am guessing. I am also 
introducing here the idea that the "rewrite from scratch" proposal is I 
believe mostly focused on email only, which might be worthy of discussion.


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