Gecko vs Goanna for Thunderbird Independence

Mihovil Stanić mihovil at
Mon Apr 17 19:30:06 UTC 2017

17.04.2017 u 16:13, Tanstaafl je napisao/la:
> I said/suggested something very similar in a prior thread about this.
> 1. Disable full web browsing capability in TB (does anyone really use it
> for web browsing?), and limit the browser functionality/component to
> just rendering HTML emails and internal pages (ie, Help pages, Addons
> pages, etc),
> 2. If a critical vulnerability affecting Gecko is issued, assess its
> impact on TB, and if one exists, determine if it is easier to port the
> fix, or just disable the vulnerable function (and the impact that would
> cause).
> 3. There may come time that we might have to disable 'Original HTML'
> support completely - ie, only support 'Simple HTML' - although I'm not
> sure how effective that would be at limiting security potential risks.
> In a worst worst case scenario, it could even come to disabling HTML
> rendering completely by default, and issue a big fat warning if the user
> decides to enable it.
> I know these are not ideal or even 'good' solutions, but I'd prefer
> these to just killing TB and walking away.
I just don't see this "we're all gonna die" scenario Ben is promoting 
after forking gecko.
Again, how long ago did Postbox fork gecko?


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