Proposal to start a new implementation of Thunderbird based on web technologies

neandr neandr at
Fri Apr 14 22:53:14 UTC 2017

ad Addressbook:
It's important to note the ICAL.js lib [*] written by Philipp Kewisch / 
Fallen supports vCard/RFC6350. This has been proven with the NewZealand 
university project.
Also interesting that project makes use of REACT and indexedDB, so it 
could be a good candidate for the next generation.

[*] [iCAL.js](
     [iCAL.js API Documentation](

On 14.04.2017 23:32, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> ...
> The address book would be a prime example for that.
> ...
> There are some existing libraries that we might be able to use for 
> TB:NG, e.g. . There are also a lot of modules on npm.

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