Joining forces vs. starting from scratch (was Re: Proposal to start a new implementation...)

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Tue Apr 11 16:03:29 UTC 2017

On Mon Apr 10 2017 22:47:28 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Ben
Bucksch <ben.bucksch at> wrote:
> We are also very clear that we want to take our users with us, and
> therefore want to keep a UI that is reasonably similar to current
> Thunderbird, at least as transitional option.

One point for clarity.

As with Firefox, it isn't just the base/default UI, it is a) the ease
with which it can be customized by the end user by simply dragging
things around and enabling/disabling toolbars, and b) Addons, that
provide even more/deeper UI AND functional changes.

My Thunderbird UI is barely even recognizable compared to the default
out-of-the-box UI, and would be even less recognizable if two
current/open bugs were implemented.
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