CardBook postulates to become a Thunderbird featured addon.

Mihovil Stanić mihovil at
Tue Apr 11 09:49:03 UTC 2017

11.04.2017 u 10:56, Philippe VIGNEAU je napisao/la:
> Hi all
> ...
> --> The best for the end : CardBook is now licenced on MPL 2.0 (I 
> don't know the implications but let's try :O)
> Philippe

LOL, good job Philippe! :)

TB council, you should try to encourage people like Philippe so we see 
more of them joining TB ranks, and make joining development much more 
easier then now.

I'm testing his addon for last few days on work and home computers. Only 
thing I see missing for now compared to current address book are "email 
Carddav seams to be functioning without problems.


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