Proposal to start a new implementation of Thunderbird based on web technologies

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Sat Apr 8 17:23:24 UTC 2017

Yes, Joshua's opening makes the point:

On 07.04.2017 23:30, Joshua Cranmer  wrote:
> /There's been a lot of discussion about this proposal, and I think 
> some people have modified their opinions or clarified them in ways 
> that aren't necessarily collected in one place. I think we can come to 
> a better agreement if we go back and start our positions more clearly./

It would be great to see TB contributors come together to define a 
starting point for the "TB-next". No question it will be hard to
bring all the conflicting interests and knowledge together and get a 
balanced solution. But we need to do so! Now!

Joshua tried to define a starting point which sounds doable ...
> /For my part, I have one non-negotiable requirement: we should be able 
> to ship CardDAV support to our users by 2018. Beyond that, I think 
> there should be means to implement new features in TB in a more rapid 
> basis "if prudent" (and I'm leaving it vague on what exact criteria 
> that entails)./

... and it has the appeal, the opportunity to probe a lot of the 
necessary technologies. But not only probe but also to start defining 
standards for "TB-next". (See also my previous post to this proposal.)

A project like the CardDAV/contacts would be relatively separated from 
the big TB project but enables us to understand how the "new" 
technologies has to be handled to meet requirements for
-- user interface / supporting different platforms (desktop, mobile, 
tables) with responsive designs
-- database
-- handling of large data sets
-- test suites (using existing, defining new as appropriated)
for sure not complete!?

We see projects and contributions to support such a project, just to 
name a few:
-- Kent is working with a special group of people and I understood his 
goal is to contribute with building box for the TB-next
-- Ben's tested with tables coded with html/css to demonstrate fast 
display / performance is possible with html/css
-- mconley's project for a new address book
-- it sounds a long year contributor and friend with TB can help to 
define the right approach -- THANKS to Mark
-- Cardbook also very close to the current mature TB could contribute at 
least with expertise
-- the New Zealand 'contacts' project show a first proof of concept

Not to repeat Joshua's arguments here, but it's important to start! Now!

> /How does that sound? /
For me his arguments sounds more than GOOD, I'm looking forward to see 
more of this and a team is formed for a start!

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