Proposal to start a new implementation of Thunderbird based on web technologies

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Wed Apr 5 07:14:32 UTC 2017

On 5.4.2017 03:09, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> How did you develop JSMime? You first developed it as a standalone 
> component, then integrated it in Thunderbird, didn't you? What I propose 
> here would be doing the same thing. How is that a multiplier?

Implementing different features as components with modern design is all good. 
What's not so good is that you seem to say actually integrating those 
components into Thunderbird for real usage is a secondary priority. It needs 
to be *the* priority, because that's the only way you could get enough real 
world feedback.

And you keep telling developing "a new email client in JS" in a short time can 
be done, and have been done before. Well, there's a reason people still prefer 
Thunderbird. You can develop something, but what that something is... I mean, 
my kid plays soccer, but from that there's a loooong way to the Champions League.


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