What happened to hiring an architect?

Eric Moore emoore at fastmail.fm
Thu Sep 29 18:34:13 UTC 2016

From: R Kent James <kent at caspia.com>
> Subject: Re: What happened to hiring an architect?
> I made an argument to Mozilla, that I believe was largely accepted, that
> said that consulting on a future platform for Thunderbird is not really
> what we need. Regardless of the recommendations, the reality is that
> there is no practical way that we could muster the 30 person-years of
> effort likely needed for a platform change without major innovation in
> either funding or staffing. In contrast, issues of infrastructure
> support are looming urgently on us (particularly for build and release
> engineering) so that is where we could use the consulting help. The
> funding originally devoted to platform consulting will likely be
> diverted to infrastructure consulting.
There seems to be a transparency problem.

1. Why didn't you announce that decision via this mailing list? That is 
a major decision. I searched the archives to see if I had missed it.

2. Did you tell that to the people at Pretty Easy Privacy (p≡p) that you 
were working with?

3. The architect was also supposed to make recommendations about finding 
a home. How and when is a recommendation going to be made for that? Or 
was the decision made to stick with Mozilla?

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