Help decide the UI for showing untagged messages in the Quick Filter

Matt Harris at
Thu Sep 29 02:05:50 UTC 2016

On 12-Sep-16 6:27 AM, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> In bug 683809[1], we've had a hard time agreeing on the best UI for 
> showing untagged messages in the Quick Filter. As such, we're putting 
> it to a vote. If you're reading this, please take the poll (it's only 
> one question!) and give us your feedback:
/Just how much sense will this interface make if the person has no 
tagged messages?

I see "any of" and what appears to be a context list of used filters. If 
it were not it would need half the screen to list all the predefined 
filters.  If there are no filters used,  probably the most common 
situation.  Is this user interface going to be intuitive?  or does the 
"button" get enabled only if filters are defined?

Perhaps add a "no tag" entry to the tag list,  So go with a tagged / not 
tagged button that exposes the sub filters when selected. In the "any 
of" list add a "Not Tagged"  so the user gets the finest grained search 
by including not tagged as a criteria. So messages that are not tagged, 
or tagged important or work  can be selected.  I see a use case where 
folk would want to look at say only tagged as work,  or only things not 
tagged as work and untagged messages.

So Mark 1 Plus a not tagged criteria. so there are three states really 
but a two state button.

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